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Follow this link to see who's leading the derby at the official website.



Follow this link to see who's leading the derby at the official website.







REALLY REALLY Big Smallmouth! This was the kicker from Troy Linder BIGGEST 5 SMALLMOUTH LIMIT EVER.
Troy Linder's hand wasn't even close to fitting around the tail section. He tried extending the fish out toward the camera but then it completely blocked him out of the picture. He caught another toad smallie one cast away from where Troy Linder boat is in the photo (that fish was in 2.6 feet, 49 degree water, according to Troy Linder's Humminbird.




Trout Day Today.... The stocking of trout are at the usual places, including the Kankakee River State Park's Rock Creek. The fish and fisherman are mainly at the 5000 North Road parking location. If heading from the west to get there it is best to stear clear of route 102. The bridge at Rock Creek is closed. Another local favorite is the Bird Park Quarry in Kankakee which is also stocked. A little background information to remember is that these are farm raised trout. They have been fed live bait; at least what it was llive bait at one time that was turned into pellets. They're tiny fish food pelletes chock full of vitamins fed to them since they were fry. This leads to a craving for Wax Worms and Minnows. We would suggest not wasting money on lures and stick to live bait and terminal tackle.




Have you ever wondered just how fast bass can eat? Check out this short video...

Posted by Bill Dance on Monday, January 18, 2016


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License also availble online at Illinois DNR website






Check out the Bragin' Board to see your fish. We have many people wanting to share their catch with KRTP. Its both a good way to see how our river is producing and to prove it wasn't just a "fish story".


Morrell's are easy to find in the Kankakee River State Park



There is only one place in the entire world that these Malvaceaes are located and that's The Kankakee River State Park


The Northern Illinois Anglers Association (N.I.A.A.), a nonprofit organization that's concerned for the ecological future of Illinois waterways.



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