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July 2015



17 Life Lessons Only Fishing Can Teach You




Another two-line-joining knot, the Yucatan knot is easy to tie and makes a good connection between lines of varying materials and diameters.




Hot weather can lead to hot finesse fishing, according to professional angler Shaw Grisgbsy. It’s 2:00pm and you’ve been flipping a jig since the sun crested the trees. Sweat and sunscreen sting your eyes, and your sweaty hands struggle to grip the rod. To make matters worse, you’re having a hard time catching and locating the schools, even with your favorite polarized fishing sunglasses .




33rd annual Kankakee Iroquois River Clean Up
On Sept 19th river clean up starts @ 8am till 1pm




Kankakee River Reopened!!!

On the 21st the long awaited cue for boaters to re-enter the water was given. Fill your tanks and launch your ships the Illinois Department of Natural Resources lifted boating restrictions around 8 a.m. after consulting with Kankakee, Will, and Grundy county officials. Remember the river is still dangerous. Logs are now in unusual places from being swept away during the high current. The old river you knew last month will have different terrain so use your depth finder wisely.




Knot of the day!! Yay!! I know you all have waited for the continuation of the Arbor Knot. Last time we talked on how to tie monofilament and fluorocarbon to the arbor of a reel. Since we can't always use line that stretches, i.e. the monofilament, we also can't rely on just one knot to tie. There will come a day when you will need to punch that 1/2 ounce jig through some weeds and get a lunker tucked away. When that day comes your line of choice will be the non-stretching braided fishing line like Spider Wire . So now how do you tie that line to your reel? One of the sturdiest knot is the Cross-Over Uni Knot.




Congrats to all the 32nd Annual Kankakee River Fishing Derby winners, you earned it this year.www.kankakeeriver.com/derbywinners07192015.htm

Posted by Kankakee River Trading Post on  Wednesday, July 22, 2015



There is a handy tool called Hook-Eze and it's a must if your constantly changing hooks. Maybe you are getting to that age when the struggle to grap a size 4 hook is to anoying. If your hands are too big for them small hooks, the arthrites is kicking in thgen this is for you. Then there is the infamous, numb-fingers, because they are too cold from grabbing all them perch through the hole. Ice fishing is fun relaxing and there is nuthing quite as nice as the thrill of seeing the head of a giant walley peaking up at you through an 8 inch ice hole. Follow to see more on this neet little gift called Hook-Eze.




Tagged Winners and Big Board Results





Arbor Knot

Todays knot is the simple yet elegant arbor knot. It's used to tie your line to spools for either your real or storage. Its a great knot that works well with both monofiliment and florocarbon. It being so simple and easy to use gives it a draw back of only working with line that stretches. Don't use this for braided line, instead use the cross over uni knot. If you must use the arbor knot with braided first tie a mono or floro carbon leader to the arbor of your spool and a uni knot to the braided line.




Mid summer time is here. With all the rain we've gotten our river's big bass are suspeneded in the flooded grass. What are they doing in the grass you ask. Why, waiting and looking for a meal to buzz right by them. Cast a Buzz Bait down the grassy edge. Buzz Baits are a good goto bait when water is moving and some splash is needed to attract. If you have had trouble setting the hook on your favorite Buzz Bait, like me, try a new version called the Swinging Sugar Buzz by Strike King. Dont take just my word, listen to Shaw Grisby's take on their Buzz Bait .




Dave Wolak from Field and Stream explains why you should be using shaky head jigs in mid summer. After reading his article you should stop in your local shop pick upsome jigs and bounce them off the river bottom.




In his fifth season on the Walmart FLW Tour, John Cox nearly won the 2015 Angler of the Year award while fishing from a 19-foot aluminum bass boat with no depth finder transducer. He fished only shallow – more or less – made four top 20s and came up 14 points shy of Scott Martin’s winning AOY point total.




A Great Family Event!
Only $20.00 per Family for 10 DAYS!

IDNR has temporarily closed the Kankakee River to boat traffic, however THE DERBY IS STILL ON!!
Please find a safe place on the bank to fish and have fun!




2015 Bass Pro Shops Northern Open #1 presented by Allstate
James River - Richmond, VA, Jul 9 - 11, 2015

Leader Board



Asian carp have quickly become one of the most invasive and destructive species in the United States today.






Elite Series pro Mike "Ike" Iaconelli shares a simple frog selection system that will help you catch more bass.




Kankakee River 32nd Annual Fishing Derby is set to start this friday 7/10/2015.

Sign-up poster and instructions for registration can be found here, 32nd Annual K3 Fishing Derby, or by coming into the Trading Post at 5045 N 4370 W Rd Bourbonnais, IL





In case you missed the Kentucky Lake BASSfest a few weeks ago was definitely one of those days. Check out ... the GoPro footage from KVD in boat camera, it sure was fun once the school fired





Summer is here rivers are high but a nice quote from Kelly Pratt in preperation for the Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Northern Open presented by Allstate.

"They're in a little funk right now," said Kelly Pratt of the bass in late June. Pratt won the 2011 Northern Open on the James and finished fourth in both 2012 and 2013. "The heat will get them going. It speeds up their metabolism so they start feeding and will put them in places where people can catch them." Kelly Pratt







Another good leader to main line knot of varying materials and diameters, the J-Knot is one that will require you cut a length of leader off before you tie it because the entire leader has to pass through the knot when tying it.

Another good leader to main line knot of varying materials and diameters, the J-Knot is one that will require you cut a length of leader off before you tie it because the entire leader has to pass through the knot when tying it.

To Tie: To start, pass the lines tag ends parallel to each other several inches. Now grabbing both lines, tie a simple overhand knot, pulling the entire leader through to complete the knot.
Now, 2) grab the entire leader and the tag end of your main line and over lap them back into your half hitch again.
Finally, 3) loop the leader and tag end through the knot once more and pull the leader and tag end completely through the knot. Moisten and pull all lines simultaneously to cinch the knot.

Notes: You basically are weaving your leader in and out of a half hitch 3 times to lock the lines together. Depending on line diameter, this knot can be a little larger than some of the other line joining knots, so experiment and practice to see if the speed and size of the knot works for your applications.




Let's head on over to the Mississippi River with Tom Monsoor and refresh our knowledge of Swim Baits.

Some trios to notice in his video were, to not set the hook when cranking in the swim bait or for jiging a swim jig. You can loose the catch by simply jerking the bait right out of the fishes mouth. Contrary you only need to give a slight tug and steadily real him in.




Remember good boat etiquette this 4th of July here are some good rules to follow this holliday @ Boat Etiquette

PSA - Boat Ramp Etiquette from CWB Board Co. on Vimeo.


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Rock Creek Outpost located in the beautiful Kankakee River State Park. Plenty of Smallmouth there in Rock Creek.

Rock Creek Outpost is currently out of buisness at this location.

Fishing is still great at this location and the shaded picnic tables and nostalgic building still stand...


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